Wednesday, January 29, 2014

California Dreamin! #sterotypicaltitle #usedironically

 It has come to this. Hashtags in my title. #yup


I meant to write a blog at New Years and then a month went by somehow?! So maybe by now everyone has gotten over their New Years blog overdose and is ready for some more ramblings from triathletes? Maybe.

So if you have regained your appetite for training updates and pictures of sunny destinations…here we are; California Dreamin! ;)

I went to California for some warm(er) training in early December. It was my first time going there for training and it did not disappoint! US team member and J-Squad comedian, Tommy Zaferes was kind enough to show me around his hometown of Aptos. I stayed for 2 weeks and loved every minute of it! The running trails there make me so happy! As well as the endless quiet roads and mountains.  I won't talk it up too much or else the locals will hate me for blowing their secret spot!! ;)

I went home for Christmas and had a nice holiday season with my family. It was nice to miss all the commotion leading up and come home right before the celebrations! I did pick up the flu while at home which was unfortunate but only a speed bump!

I headed back to Aptos after Christmas and now I'm on the plane on my way back home. This latest trip was mainly alone, which was a first for me. I think it's a sign you really love what you do when you have a great time doing all your training at camp alone! That or you are crazy….either one. :) I really enjoyed myself and got lots of good sessions logged.  I'm going to miss the running trails at Nisene park dearly. We had some great times together, Nisene and I!

I did have a little bike crash down there. First one since the infamous Sydney WTS in 2011. I'm going to blame the drunk pavers in the Santa Cruz county. Never mind the fact that I was looking at my bad parking job and not where I was going as I passed my house. I hit a large bump (I told Bevan Docherty who also lives in Santa Cruz the story and he was like "I know that bump!" …just so to validate my excuse ;) I flew straight over the bars into a median curb and completely cracked my helmet and shredded my handlebar. Not just the tape, a lot the carbon too! I somehow came out relatively unscathed. No head injury which is surprising based on the state of my helmet. I left pretty much all the skin from my knee on Seascape Blvd. That's been a bit annoying as well as some bruised ribs but otherwise, I'm fine! Even finished the session and the run off the bike after I got my bike fixed. The crash didn't end up costing me anything! Except for a lot of Neosporin :)

The weather was insanely nice for this time of year with temperatures between 20 and 30C the entire time and sun every single day. It certainly makes training a lot easier and I'm definitely more motivated to get out the door in that kind of weather!

What next? Well, I'm home for 10 days in order to get myself organized and grounded, catching up with family and friends and taking a little rest. Then I'm off to Australia. I'm so excited! Australia and I get on quite well! I will be heading to Noosa for some training leading into the World Cup in Mooloolaba and then New Plymouth and the first World Series event in Auckland. Boy this season is already flying! Doesn't seem like that long ago I was sipping cocktails in Hawaii and Fiji!

I'm going to miss Santa Cruz in all it's hippie glory but so looking forward to what's next too! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and for those of you in the polar vortex, staying warm!!! My family in Newfoundland has had a rough go! We aren't kidding when we say "West coast, best coast!" ;)

Until next time,  here are a few snaps!

 First ride in Sunny SC!
 The sunsets here are noteworthy!

 As is the Mexican food!

 Notorious B-U-M-P (the photo does NOT do it justice!!)

Views on the ride

Dance party at the Docherty household


  1. Thanks for the vicarious training camp, so cold and or wet up here in the Pacific NW lately. Cheers.

  2. Anonymous3:23 PM

    A KS blog with no health problems?
    Kirsten is actually injury free! Hallelujah!
    2014 is already looking like an exciting year.........
    Fingers crossed...........