Saturday, November 16, 2013

Problem Solving

A bit of time has passed since my last post. Between hospitals, doctor offices, airports and vacations the time has FLOWN by. I start back training formally this monday. I thought an update was in order as I mark the start of my 2014 season.

By October I'd had every test out there, flown to the states and paid big $$ (thanks Red Bull :) I'd been poked and prodded and scoped all with no real answers. It was beginning to get frustrating.  I almost didn't even care what it was as long as we had definitive results. I did find out that my intestines had been bleeding and that I had a twist in them but that was it.

After all that all it took to get my answer was a $200 blood test right here in Victoria.  I'm glad I ruled everything else out though, so no regrets. Turns out I am extremely sensitive to dairy and eggs! That's it! Well when I say that's it, it's pretty severe as far as food sensitivities go. My antibody response was through the roof. If the unit response is about 500-600 you are advised to avoid the food. Mine was 2700! After only a few days of cutting out dairy and eggs I was back to normal! No more fatigue, hot flashes, rashes or tummy aches. It all just disappeared. I mean as soon as I stopped training my health improved a bit obviously but this was complete! Fiiinally!

So with that, I have a remodeled diet (a boring one) and I should be fine! I've just got one more gallbladder test next week to just rule out one last component.

All those tortillas (spanish egg dish), cafe con leches and delicious spanish cheese's didn't do me any favors this summer. I never noticed because eggs and dairy are in like every meal unless you are purposely avoiding them.

I did manage to figure it all out in time to go on vacation! Maui with my aunt straight on to Fiji with Brandon. I love the beach so much. This was good for the soul! haha Here are a few photos from the past 2 months:

 off season trail riding with the girls :)

 Before Dad's marathon
 Oh ya, I climbed Haleakala crater while in Hawaii. 1 bad wrong turn and 7 hours later I arrived here

 XTerra worlds is DEFINITELY on my agenda for next year. Come on body hold it together next time!!
 Maui sunset
 Paia beach my fave

 Surfing some small waves in Maui

 Endless pool at our hotel in Fiji

 Kava from some locals

 Resort at sunset

Hikin some moutains with Brandon in Fiji

 The views weren't bad

 Will never be ungrateful for our sports centre!!

 Rode jet skis to this sand bar off the coast. This picture doesn't do it justice!

 Not a bad place for a buffet :)

 Sailing out to some islands

 like this

 Island life is so hard


  1. Anonymous5:45 PM

    What was the test called that you had done with the antibodies? Think I might need the same thing :(

  2. Join the club, I too discovered I was sensitive to dairy. Now I haven't been sick in over a year! Knock on wood.

  3. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Dear Kristen. I am really glad that you were able to make some real headway in finding out what was going wrong. Hope your health is much better this year and that this process makes you even stronger. I sincerely wish you an awesome year ahead.

  4. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I just misspelled your name and couldn't edit it. Sorry Kirsten.

  5. Well, that place is really nice! I like the view so refreshing. Wish I can also go there some other time.