Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Guess This is in Order...

Well, all I can say is it's September and I'm fit and uninjured...

I have to be happy about that, but it's hard to appreciate when the Grand Final is this weekend and I'm sitting in Vancouver airport.

Since I last posted, my stomach problems got to the point where I couldn't finish my 10min easy run off the bike. Some more symptoms came up that made me question racing.  After lots of discussions, I decided to withdraw from the event. In the words of my wise coach, "We go to world championships to race, not hope we can finish."
 I refuse to make a spectacle of myself as I have in the past. I'm not well enough to race so I'm not going to try and over ride my body this time around! The things you learn with age! :)

So, with that I regret to inform everyone of my absence on the starting line. I have a doctor's appointment set up for tomorrow and will now start the process of getting better quickly. We have a strong idea (based on scans from the spring) and I honestly hope that is the case! Just get that little angry gallbladder out of me!

Anyway, I do have to remember the positives of this year. We passed my expectations by a mile and had a ton of fun in the process! I have to give a massive thanks to my coach Shaun. He started with a very broken, long untrained athlete this January. I could have never imagined to post the races I did this year, let alone races at all! Of course another big thanks to Red Bull for sticking by me at all costs, they are really the best back up I could ever ask for. Jim at BWHF and Jamie and Synergy for keeping me in one piece this year. Thank you to my family, boyfriend and friends for keeping me sane! As well as all the TriCan staff in Europe with us through the summer. And of course my amazing teammates for making everything that much more fun! I'm sad I'm not in London to watch you all kick butt!

I'll post an update once we figure some more things out. For now, I'm going to hop on this little puddle jumper to Victoria and give my mom a big birthday hug!!! First things first :)

To all those racing in London, all the best!!