Wednesday, March 07, 2012

You Win Some. You Lose Some

Saturday was the final day of camp and the Clermont ITU Pan Am Cup. It should have been a fun race after a great camp and a lot of great sessions. Unfortunately my performance was a little different than expected. I have no explanation really. I haven't done a lot of racing in the past few years and I'm still finding my feet and going to keep persistent until it finally clicks. Coach Joel and I have the steps in place, just waiting for it all to come together!

There was a mixed bag of results from our crew. The highlight being @joneskyle's 2nd place finish. And Although the rest of us had less than ideal performances, that didn't keep us from enjoying the 90's beats in the vigour mobile on the way home. We had a great group of people here and they made the work that much more enjoyable. Thanks to super coach Joel for making it all happen. I return home now a different athlete than when I left. Lots more to do though! Back to work :)

Heres the very limited number of photos we took on camp (I hope you can tell the last one is a joke! I would be impressed if Lauren could run as fast as she does looking like that :P )


  1. Solid performance. Peak at the right time(s) this year, so well done.

  2. A lot of athletes seem to only post race reports when they win or place high. You on the other hand always seem to keep it real and share the good and not as good as hoped for. Good luck in your upcoming season!

  3. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Incredible sport. It is so demanding that realistically the athlete has to able to manage injury as well as the race itself. KS now has this skill as well. She's been on a podium this year already!. KS has every chance in 2012. I suspect she bloged at the wrong moment. Sooooo looking forward to seeing KS racing in 2012!.

  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Foot injury?

  5. Hi! Kristen!
    I have read your writings.
    We could only enjoy everything: Wins and losing games.
    Take care as much as possible, and let it go!
    Joy has a miracle power to transform our life.
    Cheers, love, joy, and healing energy from Ishigaki island Japan.