Thursday, January 21, 2010

Half Way?!

The time here is flying! So far it's been a great camp! No less than 3 sessions per day the entire time. We've had quite a few quality sessions and everyone is getting on great. The location couldn't be better, the houses are nice, the support is incredible...this is really a high performance camp! Today we ran in the morning in Wailea (probably spelled that totally wrong...these names all sound like Kahuna to me! ;) Then we swam a solid open water swim. 400's between the coaches on surf boards! haha we also had some fun with the underwater camera was much more calm than last week where i thought i might die! (slight exaggeration but it was wavy ;)


Check Simon in the background!

me in a wave!

Yesterday we climbed up to 4,000ft of the crater. We did 2x25min efforts in there. I felt really great! The descent was a lot of fun too which is slightly unusual for me! After that I relaxed for once and Sam and I cooked up some bison burgers. I got to try Norma for the first time. It' a compression machine...I took a picture while sitting there for 45mins! Looks hilarious! But my legs feel great today after a solid day yesterday.

Only triathletes hey? I've come to terms with the fact that we are major nerds...for example:

What a trooper! This doesn't even count as nerdy because it is so amazing! Not even a week post crash and Lauren is back on the bike! Even if it takes this ridiculous set up! haha Pretty inspiring!

Energy levels are still great, muscles are good...all is looking good! Half way through but this is when the hard part comes...2nd half! I'm still counting down the days until we ride the crator! 0-10,000ft...5's gonna be great!

Now I have to get ready for run #2. 30 second specialty ;) can you feel the sarcasm oozing from that sentence??? :)

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  1. It looks like a lot of fun in the warm temperatures! Keep having fun :)