Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gotta Love the Silly Season

It's been a ton of fun at training the past few weeks! Today we got our new Team suits! Leave it to us to choose Argyle haha. I also just got a new underwater camera...here were todays adventures....

We have a few days recovery ie. extra pool time left at the end of practice for pictures!! and synchro routines for the boys... ;)

We have had a lot of great cross rides as well. Here are a few pics from saturdays ride...ps before you look...please know that my cross bike is part steel and like a million pounds.....:)

On Friday Jeff and I had some testing in the PISE lab. Dear Lord it hurt! I havent had to work like that in a while! We did 3 maximal efforts on the bike, 1 min, 4 min and 10min. My results were odd...my 10 min was hardly lower than my 1min hahaha. It's not that my 10 was that great...more that my 1 was pathetic! We also did body comp stuff...its november...we're not going to talk about that! ;) We swam hard in the morning then I did a 90min ride plus the testing then straight onto the treadmill for an hour with some solid work. It was a big day!

Here is me and Jeff suffering...

Thursday night I spoke at a charity event put on my sponsors of mine. This was a really neat experience. It was a fundraiser for a local group called VRDA which teaches kids with disabilities to horseback ride. Learning about the light this shines on the kids lives was really moving. The parents spoke about what the program has done for the kids and I had to pull the ol' "I just yawned...thats why my eyes are watery" haha It was a really neat evening. Here is a picture I took of one of the posters...

Can you tell I got a new camera on thursday?? haha I'll try and document more of our training in pictures...so much more interesting! Today I have a run and yoga left on the schedule. I've really been enjoying the yoga. I've gained a ton of flexibility and strength and i think it really helps with my mental and physical recovery. I am still sore from yesterdays gym session though...I went early with the national rugby team and must have breathed in the testosterone in the air and went a little over board on the weights...my adductors and back muscles are dying today! Oh well... run it out! Although i just looked out the window and it's so grey you can hardly see..pretty sure its raining too....ahh Victoria in the fall..... days to Maui... 49....countdown has begun!

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