Wednesday, August 23, 2006

geneva to now..

raced the Swiss Jr. Nationals in Geneva on sunday.. wasn't sure how i was going to feel..jet lagged and semi that i mean saturday...i decided this race would be a good race to try caffeine before worlds..i took 200 mg and headed off to the race site.. i triied doing my run warm up in the morning like 2.5 hrs before the start and then doing a bike warm up with like 1:15 to start then set up transition and swim warm up....i think it worked really well! I forgot my wetsuit in Lausanne so Jess kindly lent me hers..the start was on wooden boardwalk type thing that was maybe a foot off the ground and we ran of that onto a rocky beach into the least they erent sharp rocks. as soon as i started swimming i couldnt catch my breath. I started almost panicking and i thought i might have too drop out! but i kept third place..Anais (jr. world champ and training partner here) was leading with a british athlete between us...when we got about half way my breathing started to come around and i got onto Anais' feet and we had a looong run up to transition where the 2 of us dropped the british girl and started biking together with girls like Daniela Ryf behind (who by the way just came 9th at the last world cup in hungary) so we are working together well until on the steep climb ...the 2nd time through anais dropped off quickly..turns out her seat had come a bit loose and was wobbling when she i found myself solo...exactly what i didn't want! i came here to draft! but we rode the same distance apart for the last 1.5 laps and then onto the run.. i felt great! but i decided i wanted to decend the run so i maintained a somewhat comfortable pace and as soon as i got into the 2nd lap i immediately picked up the pace..but my stomach was hurting a lot...and when i got half way out into the 2nd lap i started to feel my breakfast...then see it....and i stopped for a 2nd to get the job done...then i started running back towards the finish and realized that my suit was a little messy and my throat was really burning and i really wanted water...only thing was that there weren't any more water stops! but i saw 2 bottles off the course and i ran over to get them and then i saw anais right behind me! she started the run 20 sencinds behind me then 35 after the 1st lap and now she was right behind me! so i had to pick it up into the finish..So anais and i both had sme unfortunate things happen but we came 1-2 so that was good! ok my internet time is up!

Friday, August 18, 2006


forgot to finish last post...weekend was good, hard bricks on saturday at uvic...3x 3 loops of ring road on bike and 1km run off! felt pretty good...swam easy of monday and did a 60 min easy ride..tuesday did a swim with a little start speed and then travelled! it was a looong trip..stayed up all night on the plane and then got right into swiss time(9 hrs ahead)..sort of..woke up at 2:30 in the morning and was ready to go! bt I'm on track now. It is beautiful here. We are right on the lake with tons of mountains surrounding us..we have had some pretty cool rides through the city...up cobblestone hills...SUPER steep! AP and Sean saw a sign for a 34% grade!!!! Scetchy streets but super fun. We have been swimming in a freezing cold pool! its this nice outdoor 50m pool but today we had to wear wetsuits in it!! ..tomorrow we are taking the train to geneva in the morning and riding the course and going to the race briefing..should be a good race..very competitive!